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EOOKE is a 14-year digital frames factory with a worldwide reach. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advertising and regular digital frames for businesses. Our products creation is overseen by a team of senior R&D Engineers and talented production experts. We use the latest in digital frames production equipment so our product line is unmatchable. Even though still young in this business, we have an unshakable reputation in offering superior products and the best customer service.

As an industry leader, we offer hundreds of unique digital picture frame and advertising frame styles. Each of these frames is customized to the match the styling and design of different buildings so no matter your personal requirements, you are sure to get a solution to your problem. We do not only offer ready-made frames but also offer customized frames. If you happen to have some suggestions on how you want your frame designed, you should pass it over and wait for our qualified team to transform your ideas into a real product.

32 inch digital photo frame

What Makes EOOKIE 32 Inch Digital Photo Frame So Unique

Eookie’s 32 inch digital photo frame differs from the ordinary photo frame in many ways. First, it’s entirely made for commercial ad showcasing purposes. It uses a dynamic digital add display mechanism to turn on automatically and slide persistently changing between video clips, image files, and rolling texts based on a customized set order and time.  It a bit more exciting and alluring to showcase your business ads in this advanced way. AD photo frames are quite common in supermarkets, banks, museums, elevators, retail stores, and showrooms as they are ideal for indoor marketing, placemaking, exhibitions, and public advertising.

Digital Features

Digital advertising photo frames come with advanced LED matrix display, power time, scheduler, and Full HD media players. Some of them come with efficient content distribution and management systems. These frames are programmable meaning you can program their operations to get your selected digital media messages be it pictures, videos or scrolling texts to be showcased effectively at the most convenient time.  Since you have the option to program the functionality of the frames, you can customize the messages to reach different customers perfectly.  It’s impossible for any successful business to neglect the value these essential marketing media can do to their businesses.

What Sorts of Content Do These Frames Support

The 32-inch LED-backlit digital frames from EOOKIE aren’t specific when it comes to the format of content they can support. They can support contents in almost every format and type. Regardless of how you want your message passed, these frames are designed to make your dreams a reality. With these digital advertising frames, you convey your intended message to your target audience in form of TS 1080p @30p video, MP4, MPG, DAT, TRP, M2TS, WMV, MOTION JPEG, TS, VOB, RMVB, RM, AVI, DIVX, ASF, MKV, and TP.

What Are Other Unique Features of EOOKIE Digital Picture Frames

The advertising photo frames from EOOKIE stand out from the crowd in a multitude of ways. In short, they come with a huge variety of features that aren’t common with other frames in the market. Among these features include;

  • Caption function—this lets you display customized texts above or below the standard advertising screen.
  • Spot Announcement—this enables you to interrupt the ongoing show to make customized announcements any time of your choice be it during or after a play.
  • The USB update function—this feature enables you to update the advertising content in the picture frame by inserting a new USB flash drive.
  • The power failure memory—this enables the digital photo frame to continue from the last part in the event of power outage.
  • Security door and lock—these powerful safety features help to keep your USB drive and content from being accessed by the wrong hands.
  • Ultra-thin aluminum alloy housing paired with toughened glass-this superior protection feature works to keep the screen safe in case of falls and other threats.
  • Password protected easy to use menu—the screen comes with a super intuitive menu that is incredibly easy to use.
  • Advanced MP3 lyric display-this lets you customize the sort of music to accompany your advertisements.


Searching for superior and affordable digital advertising frames, you need to head to https://www.digitalframe0.com/ right away. Here, you will find all advertising digital frame styles, sizes, and types. The huge variety of exciting and high-quality frames will likely confuse you to an extent you won’t know which to choose. So, it is best you have a plan on how much as well as the style of digital advertising frame you would want to invest in. our AD digital photo frames are proven to work efficiently and highly reliable. They are as well very easy to use considering that all you need to do is to insert a flash disk or memory card in the USB port and wait for the screen to luminously display your advertising content in print-like quality on high resolution.


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