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First of all, the main suggestion is to avoid installing this kind of applications unless you are aware of the access permissions they require and are therefore able not to grant them. If in doubt, we rather recommend installing them on a virgin smartphone where we have not configured our phone book Best free phone number lookup app.

If it is really necessary to know the identity of a user, then, you can use the websites of the aforementioned Apps without installing them on any device, with the accuracy of not accessing – when requested – with the credentials of your profile or with our email but use new ones, in which it is recommended not to save your contacts.

Finally, most of the services that allow you to find out who is behind a telephone number allow the owners of the numbers to remove their personal data from the database. It is not always easy to find the page where you may be asked to remove your number, often change your address and way of reaching it (e.g. from the FAQ, the Contact page, etc …) but with a little attention you can find it and request that your mobile phone be deleted from the database.

Telephone Lookup Service

Have you received several calls from an unknown mobile number and would like to trace its holder? Would you like to find a person’s mobile number but don’t know how to do it? Unfortunately, mobile numbers are not included in a public list, as is the case with landline numbers, but the last word is not said. There are, in fact, apps and Internet sites that allow you to find mobile numbers and holders thanks to autonomous databases created thanks to the sharing of contact details by users.

Translated into simple terms, although there is no public list with all mobile numbers, there are many small lists enclosed in apps and websites that allow you to trace mobile numbers and their respective holders in a very simple way. Generally, access to this type of solution is free and free, but it is bound to the sharing of one’s own telephone number (therefore a sort of exchange takes place: one’s mobile number in exchange for the possibility of finding other people’s numbers) .

Another important thing to underline is that, while it is relatively easy to trace back from a mobile number to the respective holder, it is still quite difficult to do the reverse (i.e. trace from a name to the mobile number, unless this is explicitly published on blog, forum and so on). All clear? Well, then I would say not to get lost in chat further and to find out how to search for a mobile number online using the best solutions currently available. I hope they can prove useful to achieve your goal!


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