The properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes are truly exciting!


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Nanotubes are a new name for carbon allotropes in modern times; They have a cylindrical nano-size structure. The diameter along the nanotubes varies from 1 to 132,000,000. These nanotubes have many interesting properties that are used in various fields, such as optics, nanotechnology, electronics, materials science, and much more.

Some of the many exciting properties of carbon nanotubes make them suitable for use in different ways. Some of the properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes are optical, thermally conductive, electrical, mechanical, and many others. These nanotubes are used in the production of sports equipment, such as golf clubs, car parts, and baseball bats. Carbon nanotubes belong mainly to the fullerene family and even include the well-known Buck balls.

These balls get their name because of their hollow and long structure, and they are made of thick carbon sheets, which are even called graphene. Multi-walled tubes are manufactured together using forces called van der Waals. These forces offer strong ties and even offer strength to many other structures.

Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube

Learn more about the properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

These multi-walled carbon tubes have more than two layers. According to the Russian model of the doll, they have a concentric cylindrical shape. However, according to the Pergamino model, these sheets are folded by themselves and resemble a newspaper. The main distance between one layer and the second layer will be only 3.4. It is known that the properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes are highly resistant to chemicals.

  1. Difficult: they are complex and have the ability to collapse on average 462 or more, which is more than that of diamond particles. Hardness characteristics are well known to researchers, so they often use MWCNT for various applications.
  2. Electrical properties: they have unique properties due to the electronic symmetry structure they have. Superconductivity of multi-walled CNT allows its use in many applications.
  3. Resistance: it is known that they have high tensile strength along with a high proportion.
  4. Thermal properties: these tubes are good conductors and are used for many purposes.
  5. Kinetic properties: With such a large number of kinetic properties, these carbon tubes are used to create a rotary engine.

The above are just some of the useful properties you can learn more by researching the web.


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