Signs You Need to Migrate to the Cloud


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You know about IBM AS400 hosting but you are not sure when is the right time to migrate some if not all of your systems to the cloud. It is important that you know situations and events that could signal the “right time” to migrate to the cloud.

Here are some signs indicating it is the “right time” to migrate to the cloud:

When you want a competitive advantage 

The cloud will essentially give you a competitive advantage because it allows you to shift a significant number of IT resources to critical objectives. Cloud technology provides opportunities like gathering real-time data and mobile access.

Real-time data significantly influences everything from reporting to decision-making, requisition and supply chain tracking. It can effectively lower the cost of warehousing as well as improve the turnaround times of the inventory. Mobile access here means the ability to access the data from anywhere in the world.

When the competition arrives first 

If you see your competition reaping the benefits of the cloud, it is a clear sign that you have to follow them to the cloud and enjoy the same benefits. The key here is to find the right cloud service provider that can streamline your business processes thereby encouraging more customers and partners.

When you B2B (Business to Business) partners start implementing cloud systems 

If your B2B partners are already implementing cloud systems, you should not be left out. It does not matter whether you are up or down the chain, the important thing is you migrate.

If you have a strong relationship with your B2B partners, they will even help you manage the transition. If you are not considering this, it is quite possible that your partners are looking for new partners that are cloud-enabled.

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When your infrastructure needs an update 

Another ideal time to migrate to the cloud is when your systems infrastructure needs to be overhauled or updated. For companies with several locations, overhauling or updating systems infrastructure is expensive but if you migrate to the cloud, the cost will be reduced.

Cloud is fully scalable and future proof – regardless of business growth. If you manage to double the sales or even the inventory over the next six months or a year, there will be no problem. You do not need to make costly upgrades for these. In the cloud, you just need to update the computing account then it will be reflected immediately.

When your budget can handle it 

You may be excited but you found out that it is not simply in your budget. In the end, your budget will significantly determine whether you have to migrate or not. Many think that migrating to the cloud costs more but in essence, it is cost-effective. The reduction in infrastructure, maintenance, and support offset the migration costs.

Final words 

The ideal time to move is now. You have to migrate immediately if you want to reap the benefits of the cloud. There are many service providers, which makes things confusing but you should always remember security, certifications, compliance, and management.


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