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  Imagine a situation where you have worked for the entire night to complete your assignment that needs to be submitted to your client next day morning. All the information is stored on your computer hard drive and just when you start your computer to copy the files on to a CD your computer won’t start up. All you can see is a black screen and the system is stuck in the boot up process. You try and restart your system but all goes in vain. Well, this is a very common situation seen in almost every house; however, only until the computer user understands the importance of saving the important documents and creating a strong back up before things go wrong.

Yes, you read it right! Creating a back up for all your system files and documents is an extremely important step that should be taken always. The backup should be more so, on a removable device; such that it can be connected to any system.

There are several things that you could do to get your system restarted; however, this is only a possibility if you are a tech savvy individual. Once you are assured that it is a hard drive failure, you can try switching hard drives and using it on a different system. If the other system is able to read your files, then you can be relived as your data is left unharmed. However, if this does not happen, then you need the best data recovery software to retrieve all the lost data. This is a very simple process and an excellent recovery utility. This is a very easy to use software application that can be downloaded and used in order to fix the hard drive failure. However, if you are someone who is a novice in this area, then seeking help from a professional data recovery service company is always advisable.

What is data recovery software?

Data recovery is nothing but a software program or an application that allows you to find the lost data and retrieve it and restore it before it goes permanently destroyed. Data loss can happen due to many reasons – malicious virus attacks, power surges, hardware failure, computer crash, deletion of a file that is in the C drive application list and many more. There is no doubt that cloud computing and disaster recovery programs have changed the landscape making network replication really important. However, choosing the right data recovery tool and program is essential.

One of the most imperative things to mull over is the cause for the data crash. You should assess the reason properly for the loss of data that occurred. Unfortunately, if you remain unaware of this fact, recovering the data becomes a bit difficult. Whatever is the reason for the disaster, the recovery of the same should happen as early as possible – this will ensure that your data is safe. You must follow all the steps properly in case you plan to do it yourself.

If you are a naïve in data recovery acts, then you must also look at another important factor – mending the hard drive by way of defragmentation. While this is a good choice, it can also possibly defragment some of the files and overwrite the data. Data recovery software is an exceptional option!

However, there are a few points to ponder upon when you are planning to buy or download a data recovery software –

  • Does the software work on your computer’s operating system like the Windows or Mac or Linux?
  • Does it offer other features like email recovery and the recovery of formatted partitions and recycle bin recovery?
  • Does the software handle different files and file types?
  • Does the software recovery program allow the recovery from secondary memory devices like a USB or digital camera?

Good data recovery software is one that not only helps to retrieve the lost data from the hard drives but also helps in a line of other activities like –

  • Email recovery
  • Recovery of formatted partitions on the hard drive
  • Recycle bin recovery
  • Recovery from the secondary memory devices like the USBs, SD cards and even the digital camera 

Steps to choose the right data recovery service

Failure in the computer hard drive can be really maddening at times – more so when you have some really important data and files lying there. If you have been in a situation similar to this before, then you might have already learned to back all your data on a timely basis to avoid such helplessness. However, getting panicky will never solve the situation; in turn it is important to find an immediate solution like seeking a professional help from the best data recovery service company.

These service companies are proficient enough to handle your disaster concerns in many ways – starting from recovery of the hard drive, they also offer help to retrieve the lost data from several other storage media of any configuration, such as:

  • laptop data recovery
  • hard drive recovery
  • Mac / Linux / Windows Operating system data recovery
  • SQL one
  • raid repair and raid data recovery

Few points to keep in mind while choosing the data recovery service

  • Always check for their service TAT – this will help you to understand their quick turnaround time and if they are working on your issue on a priority basis or not
  • They should not use any form of ‘destructive method’ for the recovery of the hard drive – after all it is your important data and you cannot afford to lose it or even a damage to the important computer hardware parts like the hard drive.
  • The recovery service professional should restore the files on an external hard drive – more so when there is huge data involved

Seek references from any known IT professionals find the best in the industry. You could also check for the company reviews on various forums and discussion boards before associating with them. Lastly, do not forget to check their costs.

The data recovery software has the ability to work on a computer system that does not have an operating system too – this makes it one of the best programs to look up to even for a dead computer. However, if you are an organization or a service professional, then it is strongly recommended that you buy good data recovery program or software application for efficient memory troubleshooting.


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