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Whenever you are denied your partnership, you can click on “Reply” and ask Twitch support how to improve your channel. In this way, you can focus on the opportunity areas of your stream. So that your community can grow and be happy with your content. So do not despair and be constant, continue applying to the program and learn from each error so that you achieve a more solid channel each time.

On the other hand, do not forget to maintain quality standards in your stream, being a Twitch followers Partner establishes higher levels. Watch your overlays, donation animations, subscribers, bits, etc. They must not be missing for your community. Look for hardware and software that facilitates your stream and does not become a barrier. Learn from the Twitch community, look at other channels and learn about their interaction with their audience, what they do on social networks and so on. It is not about copying, but about learning and implementing your creativity to generate your own community.

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The most important factor is perseverance, success does not come overnight. Being a Twitch partner is just one step to a successful streaming career. However, the possibilities are endless, so do not despair and strive to achieve those desired accomplishments.

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With this program, Chess  has obtained a certain number of hours on the Twitch home page. Those hours are not only available for the biggest Chess events (Speed ​​Chess Championship, PRO Chess League, etc.) but for all our partners. will work with Twitch for our partners to also be promoted on the homepage to further increase your audience!

Very  good  as I understand to start earning money making twitch streams you must first get to be a partner (partner) in twitch that is achieved with a few requirements after that people can already subscribe to your channel and you get some additional money per month every subscription, the case is that I think that with  I can have those requirements and get to be parther and I want to know how much a streamer earns who just got to be  to know if it’s worth it and how much he earns with each subscription to the channel. If someone knows specific data, I would greatly appreciate it if I could give them in Colombian pesos.

The idea of ​​making a living playing videogames is a dream that has happened to every player in his head, while enjoying his favorite game.

It is possible for a long time if you are a professional beta tester , but it is an ungrateful, hard and poorly paid job.

It is more stimulating to become a streamer : you play the games that you want from your home, you retransmit your games on the Internet, commented on tricks, curiosities, jokes, and if you have enough charisma, you can make a living with it.


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