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Penetration testing is done on the website to detect and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious actors. Vulnerability assessment can be done both manually and automatically. Vulnerability assessment, on the other hand, is typically a time-consuming manual procedure carried out by security engineers.

What is penetration testing? 

A pen test, also known as a penetration test, mimics a cyber-attack on the computer system to identify susceptible weaknesses.

website penetration testing singapore comprises attempting to break into various application systems to discover defects, such as unsanitized inputs that are subject to code injection attacks.

penetration testing

Penetration testing stages

The pen testing technique consists of five parts.

  1. Planning and reconnaissance

The first stage involves:

  • Defining a test’s scope and aims, including the systems to be addressed and the testing methodologies to be employed.
  1. Scanning

The next step is to determine how the design goal will respond to various sorts of intrusion attempts.

  • Static analysis: Examining an application’s code to forecast how it will act when it is run. These tools are capable of scanning the full code in a single process.
  • Dynamic analysis:¬† Inspecting the code of a running program. This method is more practical because it provides a real-time picture of an application’s state.
  1. Gaining Access.

To identify a target’s weaknesses, this step utilizes web application assaults including cross-site programming, SQL injection, and backdoors.

  1. Maintaining access

This stage is used to see if the flaw can be used to create a long-term influence in the compromised machine, allowing a malicious person to dig further. The goal is to simulate advanced persistent threats, which can stay in a system for months and steal a company’s most critical information.

  1. Analysis

The penetration test results are then collected into a report that details the findings.

  • Security vulnerabilities that were exploited in detail
  • Data that was obtained that was sensitive
  • The quantity of time the penetration test could remain undetected in the system.

Security experts use this data to assist configure an enterprise’s WAF settings and other application security solutions to patch vulnerabilities and prevent further attacks.

Website penetration testing singapore involves simulating a hacker attack on an application to assess the severity of existing flaws. This is to say that, unlike vulnerability assessment, which just finds and lists any problems in the website, Penetration Testing focuses on how each of these flaws could be exploited. In addition, there is a slew of free tools for performing website penetration testing.


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