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In today’s generation, advanced technology had been rising and continually updating. Thus, the business and marketing industry has been challenged by modernity, making it more competitive. The new generation is building a modern way of marketing, such as building websites and applications.

Using the digital experience platform to scale the digital environment has been used by many businesses, though acquiring better service at

What is a digital experience platform?

The digital experience platform is an integrated set of core technologies supporting the following:

  • Composition
  • Management
  • Delivery
  • Optimization of contextualized digital experiences

Examples of digital experience platforms are:

Optimizely content cloud. It is a SaaS platform, an example of DXP.

Episerver. It offers a headless CMS, it is used for managing all digital assets and content, including the built-in B2B eCommerce functionality for the easy online transaction.

The role of the digital experience platform

Today, organizations stay competitive by building relationships through communication that requires listening and speaking. Companies are using data to listen and content to speak. DXP offer companies an essential suite of tools to foster meaningful relationship by listening and speaking to:

  • customers
  • prospects
  • partners
  • employees
  • other audiences

DXP offers a centralized location for the collaboration of the delivery and development of experiences around the lifecycle. The platform provides the infrastructure for connecting and collecting data from every channel.

Benefits of DXP platforms

Digital experience platforms provide:

  • Integrated control center
  • Content flexibility
  • Better personalization
  • Future-proof adaptability

Both companies and audiences will benefit from the digital experience platform.

When do you need a digital experience platform?

The need for a digital experience platform is a journey. You are not just using DXP for one use. Instead, they use of the platform is unique, depending on where the organization is. But, you have to start it now. Way back in 2018, most companies had a digital transformation strategy in one place.

As technology goes, the rapid pace of change continues.

Channels of DXP

Digital experience platforms have various channels, namely:

  • CMS
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Marketing automation
  • Experience commerce

Also, it depends on the digital maturity, which is possible a CMS will be all you need now. However, not all CMSs give a pathway to grow into a digital experience platform. If the goal is genuine digital transformation for better customer engagement, you need a CMS that performs all these:

  • scale easily
  • deployed on the cloud
  • a wide array of APIs

As a society, teams, and capabilities develop, you can boost functionality, ultimately getting to a digital experience platform. But, for many companies looking to embark on the next phase of growth, the DXP is a necessary piece of the puzzle this time. Understand more about DXP to discover new things in building a modern website and app.


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