24X7 Server Vulnerabilities Scanning and support Services


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  Server management has many uses for supporting any type of business by optimizing, checking and maintaining all the activities with its servers. It also has main property of security which is important for protecting all the work of the business in the servers. It keeps the system secure by creating antivirus softwares and observing. Use a server which is trustworthy and best from the company with good review. As the customers using your services will trust you if the servers and management is protected and perfect. The advanced technology and updated softwares will provide a backup for servers to restore the data which is relevant and needed. as the servers are very important so the protecting of server is also essential. It is needed to support the server from vulnerabilities. Server BAsket is a online e commerce which provides advanced and high quality products for the server scanning from threats.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is important to protect the servers from hacking and misusing. It is comprehensive program for securing the information of the business. It is needed to have antivirus for server fro network and server security and system for app security. It provides workflow and manages to control any risks from coming into the server.

Multiple Assortments for Scanning

There are many scanning tools for servers with multiple varieties such as OpenVas, Retina, MBSA, Nexpose, Qualls etc. they can be available for any platform. There are many tools suitable for windows, SaaS, linux or unix and more operating systems.

Internal/external network scans

These scans are important for your system which are organized by running a program with internet connection. Internal scans are used in the business firewall for finding strong and true vulnerabilities in the network. External scans are used for searching holes which may be used by  malicious persons to attack in the network firewall of business. This scans are essential for protecting the network of the business inside and outside by not allowing the threats to come from hackers. External scan checks for all the apps and server is secured or not and internal will check internally about the important and valuable data is secured or not. Both  of the scans are important for the server.

100% vulnerability/ Scan reports and bulletproof security services

The server scanning tools will scan and protect with 100 % availability from vulnerabilities. Reports are created for priority of array that to be processed. The reports are utilized for planning tasks with high level to produce business risk measures for managing. It gives products and support customers with its services that are of high quality and protecting the servers with bulletproof security activities.

Advanced Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Web servers of vulnerability are automated softwares which scan all the web applications externally to explore for vulnerabilities related to security like sql injection, path traversal, cross site scripting, improper server arrangement and command injection. Here are some of the advanced scanning tools for securing the server from vulnerabilities. They are AppScan, AVDS, Burp Suite, Netsparker, Vega, Webapp360 and more. These are dynamic application security testing tools which are open source, free and commercial type.

24×7 Support

Server Basket is a online store which is available for 24×7 service time for the customers. They interact with the customers through email, chat, phone and ticket to clarify doubts, suggest best products that satisfy the customers specifications.

MySQL Server Management/optimization/hardening/24X7 Support

Server Management imply system administration requirements. They manage server setup activities, ervice checking, constant server upkeep and security. The server management is beneficial for small business when growing and having more customers. Small scale business people are update with advanced technology and its features in the world but may not have own office with workstations of server. For this services of managing their tools, make servers processing need server management.

Technical Services

The mysql server management is able to store vast information of company like employees, their details, salaries, company’s clients, address, names, and more. This is a best option for small business. It installs and configures many server softwares like PHPMYadmin, MySQL Cluster, MariaDB, and MongoDB and more. This database connects and integrates with SQL Server, SQLite, MariaDB, DBA and more. The optimisation of the tools is done constantly. Check the servers and try to increase the production for making good bonding with the customers  and provide best services for the people.

Management Services

The server management services are 100 percent within time for everyday in a week. It provides 24/7 support to the customers through chat, email, phone and tickets. It gives many services with low price reasonable to customers. It also has backup management functions for restoring database, its backup data with full commitment. It has advanced security tools like ApexSQL Audit, Idera SQL, and more for solving virus, and protecting from online threats and attacks. It also provides and solves troubleshooting issues. It develop the system with backup and high speed performance. Monitoring servers and provide high services from the management. It includes server load, memory storage, cpu optimizing and mysql migrations for the databases. This database system has proper analysis, high design, and deployments for the people. This will recover the data without losing and provide many requirements. It uses various technologies and can be accessible in any technology too. It is available for whole time with its support in architecture, data modelling, use case and database designing with upgrading and high availability services.

The best computer technical support services provide all these services with security and do not. These services have the availability of chatting through mail, phone at anytime for the customers. They provide advice and suggestions for their customers to build them together and gain trust. There are many online services which can be selected by the people that give best among all. The price is less, reasonable which can be afforded within the budget for anyone. It also has the facility of cashback of whole amount in not providing better services. It consists of computer savvy technicians to support in solving any problems in the computer. They develop and improve their services consistently to produce high quality services for the customers.


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